A view looking at Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in the State of Maine, USA. Lies in NECEC TV ads | Doug Thomas Electrical wires against blue sky, Maine, USA. Please research NECEC | Larry Dunphy Power lines in the woods of Maine. From the Statehouse: getting to a green grid | Will Brownsberger A young woman signing the bill on the digital tablet at the register at a local neighborhood coffee shop. Commentary: Resistance to good clean-energy projects harms Maine’s economy, climate progress | Dana Connors Home energy smart meter in a Kitchen. Patrick’s Washington Post Op-Ed | Patrick Bagley Senior man and his son are laughing and talking together in their work van. New England’s $950M clean energy project | Lori Tobias Smoke rising from a coal plant. Energy matters: Is hydro really dirtier than coal? | Paul & Cynthia Stancioff Sunset Lake Landscape Jay residents get chance to ask questions on proposed NECEC project | Donna M Perry The weird, unholy alliance of Tucker Carlson and environmentalists | Molly Taft Home energy smart meter in a Kitchen. Can US states afford to meet net-zero emissions targets by 2050? In the Northeast, Canadian hydropower could make it so. | Mark Dwortzan Casco Bay Bridge in Portland, Maine Clean energy megaprojects, including in Maine, divide environmentalists | Patrick Whittle, Associated Press Electrical wires against blue sky, Maine, USA. NECEC will bring clean energy, other benefits | Serge Abergel, director of communications, Hydro-Quebec Augusta, Maine, USA view on the Kennebec River with Memorial Bridge at dawn. Throwing up roadblocks to Quebec hydroelectricity | Bruce Mohl Electric cars charging. Central Maine Power funds EV charger grants | BDN Community Electrical wires against blue sky, Maine, USA. Transmission Upgrades Could Hold the Key To New England Clean Energy Goals | J.D. Allen Sunrise at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA. Maine would benefit from power line to Quebec | Roy Grice Maine Welcome Sign Here’s Something: Maine should connect with clean energy | John Balentine Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth. Get the facts about NECEC | Jim Cyr Coastline of Acadia National Park, Maine. New England Clean Energy Connect: A Breath of Fresh Air | Serge Abergel, Director – Media and External Affairs, Hydro-Québec
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